Hair Dye for Men

Hair dye is not made just for women. Men can also dye their hair and it is actually a much easier task. It usually only takes a quick dose of hair dye because men typically have shorter hair.

Best Hair Dye for Men 1: L’Oréal’s Garnier Nutrisse Cream claims to use live fruit ingredients. Don’t let this mislead you because this hair dye is by no means all natural or organic. However don’t let this turn you off because Garnier Nutrisse Cream is great for covering up your gray hair or just giving you a change in hair color.

You can find this hair dye in a 31 various colors, they range from a natural blond to a dark black.

What makes this one of the best hair dye is the quick and easy dying process. You simply mix up the hair cream and dye, then apply using the plastic glove that is included. The graducal hair dying process that this dye uses means that you wait about 30 min after the application. Your hair will change color gradually.

Another great thing about Garnier Nutrisse Cream hair dye is how gentle and good it smelled. This dye did not burn the scalp like many hair dyes do. The final result was great, just like promised on the package.

Best Hair Dye for Men 2: L’Oreal color pulse is gear towards younger people, or even older people who want to look more vibrant and lively.

Bright and bold colors are what makes L’Oreal Color Pulse unique and exciting. One of the colors is a darkish purple, called Electric Black. This is just one example of the exciting colors this product has to offer.

This hair dye uses a semi-permanent dye and there is no scalp burning (A huge plus!).

Best Hair Dye for Men 3: L’Oreal Féria gives a professional, trendy look. It is great if you want some vibrance, or nice looking highlights. You can go for streaks of blonde, or even streaks of black. A plus for L’Oreal Feria is the easy application and the ability to add nice lowlights or higlights.

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