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Choosing the best hair dye for your hair is a big step on the road to improving your looks. It is important to understand the many different types of …

Choosing the best hair dye for your hair is a big step on the road to improving your looks. It is important to understand the many different types of hair dyes before deciding which one will work best for you. There are chemicals in hair dyes that can damage your hair if used improperly. Therefore, It is extremely important that you choose the right one.To be sure that you do not damage your hair, you should choose a dye that blends in well with your natural hair color. The lighter the color of the hair dye, the greater the chance you will damage your hair!

I highly recommend that you dye your hair in a salon to ensure a minimal amount of damage to your hair. However, I understand that going to a salon can be quite expensive and that many of you will opt to do it yourselves. This makes it even more important to choose the best hair dye for you.

Temporary hair Dye

Temporary hair dyes just coat the hair surface and typically come in gel, mousse, spray, or rinse form. These dyes do not penetrate the hair shaft or lift your original color from the cuticle. These generally only last a few shampoos and they wash out easily. Temp hair dyes are good for people who like to change the color of their hair often to express their mood or match outfits.

While this form of coloring doesn’t penetrate the hair, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t cause hair damage. Some products on the market are rather harsh, making the hair hard or brittle and easily prone to breakage. As much caution should be used in choosing a temporary hair dye as any other form of hair coloring. Some of the most popular brands of temporary hair dyes include Paintbox Extreme Colors by Fudge and Good Look Color Mousse

Note that just because temporary hair dyes do not penetrate the hair shaft, does not mean it can’t cause damage to your hair. Many products are pretty harsh and can harden your hair, causing it to break. Please use just as much caution with these dyes as the others.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

This is definitely the most popular choice. Semi-Permanent hair dyes typically last between 8 to 20 washes. This will depend on the condition of your hair and the brand of dye you use.However, there are many shampoos and color enhancing glazes that work well for extending the life of your hair dye.

Semi-permanent hair color, like permanent dyes, also penetrates the hair shaft. The main difference is that it does not penetrate as deep and as a result, will not cause as much damage to your hair. However, the fact still remains that the lighter you go from your natural shade, the more damage you risk. I recommend staying within a couple shades lighter than your natural color. You may be able to go a couple of shades darker than just two, but don’t assume that there will be no damage to your hair. This will factor heavily on the condition of your hair before applying the dye.

Semi-permanent dyes gives you the option to either completely change the color of your hair, or simply brighten your natural color. There are many decent sei-permanent hair colors available ranging in many shades.Some of these claim to condition your hair as you color, and some claim to moisture as you color. In my opinion, the best hair dye gaurantees the most natural looking color by using multiple shades.

There are so many different brands and colors, it can sometimes be difficult to choose. L’Oreal, Clairol, and Garnier Nutrisse are the most popular choices.

For Men – Gradual / progressive hair dyes

Gradual, or progressive hair dyes are popular with men. The lead acetate that is in the dye will react with the protein and sulfurs of the hair cuticle. This will darken the shaft of the hair.If you want to go really dark, simply apply more often and it will get darker and darker. If you don’t use it often, it will turn back to the gray or yellow color that you intended to hide.I highly recommend Just For Men or Grecian Formula. These have been around for a very long time and they work great!

Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent hair dyeing will strip your current hair cuticle of its color and will prepare it for the new shade of color. When your natural hair color begins to grow back, the dye will only need to be applied to the roots to maintain color. Yes, permanent hair dye may help you achieve what you are looking for, but you must also consider that maintaining that color can be difficult and expensive. Sun exposure and chemicals like chlorine can change the overall color, which can cause it to fade.
Please note:

It is highly discouraged to do your own permanent hair color. It should most definitely be done by professionals in a salon who have done it many times over.

Choosing the Best Hair Dye For You

So, you have finally decided which type of dye and brand you want to use. Let’s think about the color. First, you need to determine the tone of your skin

If you have a cool skin tone, your skin is pinkish, and very pale. Choose a color from wheat to chesnut brown, or a cool ash blonde. Avoid unatural looking shades like red that will not accent your natural colors.

If you have a medium skin tone, you most likely have an olive undertone. You will look great in deep burgundy reds, or dark browns! You might also even try a bluish, black color.

Warmer skin tones will have a golden or peach undertone. You may have a colden tan skin color, or a beige or ivory color. You will look the best in light hair colors like blonde, light reds, and lighter browns.

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