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You are a man or a woman, it is sure that you love your hair and skin so much. The hair and skin care is very essential for you to keep your hair fine, dandruff free and healthy and you skin glowing. It is true that your physical and mental health must be good if you want to keep a healthy hair and beautiful skin. Your hair and skin is your asset. There are many hair and skin care treatments available. If you think that those hair and skin care solutions are expensive for you, you can try the home remedies and herbal remedies to keep your hair and skin healthy.

You can prepare the herbal shampoo at home. Mix flour of gram pulses with water and make a paste of it. Apply the paste on your hair for two times in a week. It will be helpful to keep your hair soft, shining and black. You can collect multani clay to make an herbal shampoo. Make a paste in the same way with the mud and apply it on your hair once in a week. Wash your hair with lukewarm water. Your hair will become silky and soft. In case of a good skin, prepare mixtures of sandalwood, camphor and honey and apply regularly. However, the ingredients to be mixed are different according to the need of you skin.

Hair fall is a serious problem a person faces. There are various medicines available in the market to stop hair fall. If you need an herbal remedy to stop hair fall you can try out one thing.

First, collect some henna and make a paste of it. Then mix another paste of beetroot leaves with it and apply to your hair gently. Then wash your hair after half an hour. It will protect your hair from dandruff also. An active skin care routine wants regular and proper attention. A good diet and proper intake of vitamin supplements are essential. For a good mane of hair and beautiful skin, you must get rid of habits like smoking, late nights and alcohol. Your skin will glow bright if you apply sunscreen lotion before stepping out in the sun. Wash your face as many times as possible with cold water. It takes care of the dirt accumulation on the skin surface.

The men are also in love of their hair. Some tips are here for the men who need to take care of their hair. First you simply find that which hair style is the most suitable for you. The best hair style is that which suits you the best and which is very easy to maintain. If you have short hair, try to cut it once in a month. You can also visit parlors for regular facials and skin care programs. Sleep well and put the work pressure behind at the office. After washing your face apply a good moisturizer, while after washing your hair, apply conditioner to keep your hair soft and smooth. If you wish to color your hair always take the professionals advices and don’t use any herbal product which is allergic to you.

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